The Gift of a Daughter

Emyr Humphreys
Publication Date: 
Thursday, September 18, 1997
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Wales Book of the Year Winner, 1999

The Gift of a Daughter is a novel of delusion and self-knowledge, tradition and change, loss and identity in which the pace, plotting, characterisation and dialogue are as faultless as we expect from a writer of Emyr Humphreys’s experience and skill.

Archaeology lecturer Aled Morgan and his wife Marian flee to Tuscany, and the home of old friends, to escape a family tragedy. Yet even immersed in Etruscan culture, Aled finds that friendships aren’t all they seem, and that his wife has become almost a stranger to him. In fact he isn’t even sure he knows himself any more. By the time he returns to his once idyllic home in Anglesey, Aled is sadder and more experienced but in many ways no wiser. In charting Aled’s journey of spiritual discovery, Emyr Humphreys has once again written an engrossing novel of the human condition.

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