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Flowers & Fables: A Welsh Herbal

Jocelyne Lawton
Publication Date: 
Monday, July 24, 2006
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In Flowers & Fables Jocelyne Lawton reminds us of a time when, through a mixture of religious belief, country superstition and medical lore, flowers and herbs had an essential place in everyday life. This book recognises a revival of contemporary interest as modern consumers look for organic and holistic approaches to daily life.

Long before modern medicine people turned to the ordinary flowers of the fields, woods and hedgerows for help: to protect them from ‘evil or vile things’; to prevent lightning strikes; to cure migraines; even to find a lover. Herbalists such as the Physicians of Myddfai were held in high regard. Although some of these remedies now seem bizarre, many are still in use today.

Beautifully illustrated by close-up colour photographs, all taken in Wales, Flowers & Fables combines botanical descriptions with floklore and an insight into the meanings behind the names of our common herbs and wild flowers. This book is an invaluable guide and companion on a country walk, and also to be enjoyed by the armchair botanist.

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