Everything is Sinister

David Llewellyn
Publication Date: 
Thursday, May 1, 2008
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´Violence is the new language, celebrity is the new currency.´

Everything is Sinister is a darkly humorous novel with a biting take on the modern cult of celebrity and its potentially horrific consequences.

“Destined to become a cult book, Llewellyn offers conspiracies of the media world and scepticism of the future of humanity.” Buzz Magazine, April 2008


"This is going to sound horribly sycophantic, but I'm going to say it anyway: David Llewellyn's new book is great. The book is an adroit but powerful take on a society in which sex and violence have been commoditised, and in which the media can wreck or redeem an individual in an instant." Ceri Radford, Telegraph blog


Ed Raynes is the showbiz correspondent for Britain´s most popular tabloid, The Voice of the People. In the sweltering, tinderbox summer of 2010, with the Olympic village construction site on his doorstep, Ed guards a shocking secret known only to himself, and an executive of the all-powerful K-Media group - as well as the winner of the countrys highest rating reality TV show Lockdown.

The entire country, and his colleagues, is absorbed in Lockdown -  a show where contestants are put in prison and then ´paroled´ by the public vote. But are the contestants really what they seem?

As Ed´s world of parties and red carpets begins to crumble, he becomes a recluse in his Docklands apartment, his only exposure to the outside world being via his balcony, from where he watches the commuters come and go - and his electronic media, TV and the internet, straining his already tenuous relationship with reality.

But is Ed a victim of his own paranoia or is there really something wrong with people? And who is Nigel ? the man in the apartment below Ed's, and his Princess Diana look-alike friend? As the outside world refuses to let him go, his life transforms into a nightmarish ´Heart of Darkness´ mission, played out in the concrete and glass jungle of Canary Wharf!

Readers of Ed´s blog can follow the twists and turns of an apparently sinister conspiracy which won't end until violence and celebrity join forces, with lethal consequences.

Taking in the themes of reality TV, mass communication for the internet generation, sexuality and 21st century city life, 29-year-old Llewellyn has created a superbly enjoyable, disturbing tale of conspiracy, red carpets, paranoia and daytime television.

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