The Edge of Cymru: A Journey

Julie Brominicks
Publication Date: 
Monday, November 14, 2022
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“Bursts with beautiful, descriptive prose, which picks up the minutia of each moment… Brominicks skilfully examines broad social, environmental, political, economic and even geological changes without the book feeling dry… as accessible as a novel and would make a great holiday read as much as a bedside book.” – Countryfile Magazine


The Edge of Cymru is the story of Julie Brominicks’ walk around Wales in the course of a year. As an educator she knew a lot about the country’s natural resources. But as a long established incomer from England and more recent Welsh learner, she wanted to know more about its history, about Wales today, and her place in it.

As her walk unwinds the history of Wales is also unwound, from the twenty-first century back to pre-human times, often viewed through an environmental lens. Brominicksʼ observations of the places and people she meets on her journey make a fascinating alternative travelogue about Wales and the lives its people live. Her writing is lyrical, with engaging and striking coinages and images which carry the reader along too, entertained and informed. A quest of personal discovery, the narrative of The Edge of Cymru is also a refreshingly different way of looking at place, identity, memory and belonging.


Watch Julie talking about the book, her walk and journey to becoming a writer in this film by Culture Colony: The Edge of Cymru.


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