Dannie Abse: A Sourcebook

Cary Archard
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Saturday, April 3, 2010
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Dannie Abse, whose career as a poet spans sixty years, has made a huge contribution to the literature and literary life of Wales and to writing in English. This Sourcebook is an essential companion to the poetry, prose, drama and critical writings of a major poet. Cary Archard has edited and written about Abse’s work for over twenty years and collects here a marvellous representative selection of Abse’s own writings, together with comment on and critical responses to his work, which illuminates Abse’s achievements for both students and general readers.

Dannie Abse: A Sourcebook includes: a biographical and critical introduction; a selection of Abse’s criticism, autobiography and fiction; interviews with Abse; reviews of Abse’s poetry over sixty years; essays on Abse’s poetry, some specially commissioned; a bibliography; index


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Abse is of course someone whose fame and reputation spread far from Wales, his cover portrait instantly recognisable. Dannie Abse: A Sourcebook is a thick, promising crib for an undergraduate dissertation: more trustworthy than Google, cheaper than buying of the Internet shelf. Cary Archard has been writing about Abse for over twenty years and certainly does a comprehensive job, bringing together a selection of Abse’s own prose – essays, autobiography and fiction – with reviews and criticism of Abse’s work by a wide selection of others. Of course in this sort of compendium… (.) But it does allow the reader to enter a stimulating Abse Symposium where, amid so much information, so many attendees, a single aesthetic conundrum can be tracked and teased out. Take one of Abse’s most famous poems “In the theatre”. John Tripp, who saw it as a piece of performance erotica, calls it extraordinary.

Gee Williams, Planet, Issue No. 199

23/07/2010 - 20:08