Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas

Sandra Anstey
Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 23, 1995
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R.S. Thomas is Wales’ most famous living writer. His uncompromising stance on issues concerning Welsh nationalism, as well as his eloquent verse have, over the forty-six years of his career, earned him international acclaim and a vital place in the hearts and minds of his compatriots. This revised and expanded second edition of Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas includes seven essays from the original 1982 volume as well as a selection of seven new essays. These varied and illuminating texts outline aspects of R.S. Thomas’s writing career from his first volume, The Stones of the Field, in 1946 to his latest collection, Counterpoint in 1990. Also included is an extensive updated bibliography of the critical material on R.S. Thomas. This volume offers a lively and valuable assessment of R.S. Thomas’s literary achievement to date.

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