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The Clydach Murders: Second Edition

John Morris
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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Twenty years ago, four lives were brutally taken. But was an innocent man wrongfully convicted of this horrific crime? In the new edition of The Clydach Murders, author and solicitor John Morris reveals new information, making a forensic and compelling case ahead of Dai Morris’ latest appeal.

The Clydach Murders is a detailed and unbiased investigation into the brutal murders of Mandy Power, her two daughters and their grandmother, who were killed in their home in 1999. The crime sparked the largest criminal investigation ever mounted in Wales. A local labourer, Dai Morris, was tried twice for the cruel murders and finally convicted in 2006, though no fingerprint or DNA evidence connected him to the crime. In this meticulously researched book, the author argues that Morris’ conviction is unsound, based only on the lack of a solid alibi, the presence of his gold chain in Power’s house, and the lies he initially lied to the police.

Released ahead of the 20th anniversary of the crime, this Second Edition features a postscript containing new evidence which confirms Morris’ alibi, providing valuable ammunition for his forthcoming appeal.



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