Christmas in Wales

Dewi Roberts
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, November 25, 1997
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Celebrate Christmas the Welsh way in the company of some of the country’s leading writers, past and present. Christmas mass, the nativity play, turkey and plum pudding, the Mari Lwyd, presents, the weather, the shopping and post-festive blues are among the many subjects drawn from stories, poems, diaries and letters. Wartime Christmases in Swansea and the Rhondda – and home thoughts from India and Italy – pantomime characters, Christmas cards and New Year Resolutions; R.S. Thomas, Dylan Thomas, Dannie Abse, Gillian Clarke, Catherine Fisher, Bruce Chatwin, Sian James, Kate Roberts and Leslie Norris, Christmas in Wales has all the ingredients for the complete experience of the season of celebration.


Article – ‘A Welsh Literary Christmas’, Phil Carradice, BBC

Thursday, December 19, 2013

In his anthology Christmas in Wales, the writer Dewi Roberts quotes Michael Gareth Llewelyn and the way he and his friends counted the days until Christmas in war-time Swansea.

They wondered if: "it would be a white Christmas with snowballs and snowmen, a black-frost Christmas with sliding on the ponds, or a soft Christmas, mild from the westerly winds that blew over Swansea Bay."

Christmas remains an evocative, powerful time of year. And Welsh writers, throughout the centuries, have seized on the emotions that it conjures. They have also provided us with more than a little insight into social conditions in the country and for that we have to be grateful.

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