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Christmas Bundle: The Occasional Vegan and The Seasonal Vegan

Sarah Philpott
Publication Date: 
Friday, November 18, 2022
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No longer on offer but both of Sarah’s books are available individually


The Occasional Vegan is a collection of simple, affordable and delicious recipes, suitable for newcomers and long-time vegans alike, that will keep you well-fed and healthy. Author Sarah Philpott’s recipes are accompanied by the story of her own journey to becoming a vegan, exploring the ethical and lifestyle arguments for a plant-based diet. Her recipes are homely and easily cooked, suitable for gourmet cooks and the kitchen novice.

In her follow-up, The Seasonal Vegan she presents a kitchen diary of seasonal recipes with a delicious mixture of fine food writing and beautiful photography. Her guide to eating with the seasons takes a realistic approach to shopping cheaply and sustainably and proves that the vegan lifestyle is anything but expensive.


Also available individually for £12.99 each: The Occasional Vegan and The Seasonal Vegan

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