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Christmas Bundle: Kidnap Fury of the Smoking Lovers and The Stromness Dinner

Peter Benson
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Wednesday, November 16, 2022
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No longer on offer but both of Peter’s novels are available individually


The Stromness Dinner

Ed Beech is one half of Beech Building Services. He’s based in Bermondsey but no job’s too small, no distance too great. So when he’s asked to do some work on a house in Orkney, he loads the van with paint, tools and sandwiches, and takes off. He gets nervous around farm animals and large ships, and he’s never been so far north, but when he’s joined by Claire, his client’s city banker sister, he discovers that in Stromness, anything is possible.

Peter Benson’s compelling new novel continues his exploration of unlikely relationships, and paints a vivid picture of a place where all is not what it seems, but might be.


Kidnap Fury of the Smoking Lovers

Fargo Hawkins dropped out of school. Now he is a gardener. He’s twenty years old, and works for Harry Swaine, an abusive butcher with a chain of shops on the south coast of England. After witnessing a fight between Harry and Anne (his wife) Fargo steals a car and together he, Anne and a dog called Radar go on the run. They have £9,653, a bag of apples, a penknife and three bottles of wine. An incandescent Harry, a firm of private detectives and their emotions chase them across the country. In no time they are a newspaper headline – Kidnap Fury of the Smoking Lovers.

Kidnap Fury of The Smoking Lovers is a comic thriller, a dystopian modern fairy tale searching for enlightenment in the richness of words and the white light of unexpected love.’ – International Times

Engaging and entertaining, it’s the perfect read to provide a bit of escapism.’ – Buzz Magazine


Also available individually for £9.99 each: Kidnap Fury of the Smoking Lovers and The Stromness Dinner


Praise for Peter Benson:

“Defiantly realistic at times, luridly surreal at others, his writing’s ability to compound striking metaphors of the abstract with a graphic physicality has won him a deserved following.” – Times Literary Supplement.

“Beautiful writing and thoughtful language… page after page of stunning prose.” – Time Out.

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