Changes and Dreams

Glenda Beagan
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, October 16, 1996
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Reflection and re-evaluation lie at the centre of these thirteen stories. Their characters - mostly women - have reached a point in their lives , sometimes one of crisis, at which they must review what has passed and hazard a guess at what is to come. They are confronted by the dilemma of how to proceed: by boldly cutting free or simply carrying on; self-analysis and revelation are the keys to stories which both move and entertain.

Changes and Dreams reflects a very contemporary world, in which the divorced ponder new relationships; the old contemplate younger lovers; young people in winter-emptied seaside resorts look to drugs for fulfilment. New bearings are sought as friends and family take on new values, or surroundings are changed by uncomprehending forces. Decisions must be made.

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