Saturday, October 5, 2019 - 18:00 to 19:00

Cinema & Co,
17 Castle Street,

Jonathan Edwards | The Swansea Fringe

To kick off your Saturday evening at the Swansea Fringe, come and listen to three poets making waves in the Welsh literary scene and beyond.

A past winner of the Welsh Poetry Competition, Rae Howells’ poems often have nature at their heart, exploring the importance of our deep human connection with the natural world. Taylor Edmonds has collaborated with BBC Sesh and the Nescio Ensemble, and writes poetry that comes from a feminist perspective, exploring what it's like to be all kinds of women in today's society. And, last but certainly not least, Costa Prize-winning Jonathan Edwards’ poems are poignant, funny and full of pop culture references, with Marty McFly, Evel Knievel and Sophia Loren all enjoying walk-on parts.

Expect poems rooted in Wales that open a window to the world.

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