Seren News

11 March 2013 - 09:59am

Seren News

11 March 2013 - 09:59am

The Scattering is a debut fiction collection from prizewinning writer Jaki McCarrick.

These skillfully crafted stories explore states of liminality: life on the Irish border, dual identities, emigration, being between states - certainty and doubt, codependency and freedom. Some explore themes of catastrophe and constraint. All explore what it means to be alive in a fraught and ever-changing world. This first collection from prizewinning author and playwright, Jaki McCarrick explores the dark side of human nature, often with a postmodern ‘Ulster gothic’ twist.

One of the stories ‘The Visit’ won the Wasafiri Prize for new fiction, and many have been published to much acclaim in literary magazines.

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Forthcoming Title: R S Thomas: Poems to Elsi

Celebrate the R. S Thomas centenary, with this excellent volume that draws together 52 poems (4 previously unpublished) by Thomas to his wife, Elsi.

This collection brings together 52 poems by Thomas to his wife, the distinguished artist Mildred E  Eldridge - known as Elsi - from early meditations on their relationship to the elegies following her death.

This revelatory collection dramatises the changing dynamics of a complex and vitally creative relationship. Poems on marriage, cohabitation, birthdays, anniversaries, family and bereavement offer a candid portrait of emotional intimacy, desire, the painful process of ageing, and of loss. Elsi is a complex presence here: to the 'to' in the title signifies not only 'addressed to' but also 'about', 'with an eye on', 'to be overheard by', and even in one case 'from'.

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