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Wednesday 4th May, 10:00 to Wednesday 5th October, 12:30

A monthly online international poetry feedback session to polish your poems led by Cath Drake. How do you make a good poems really good?  Join a high quality online poetry feedback group to focus on honing your poetry. Receive encouragement, inspiration and constructive feedback, and get your poems ready for submission. These small groups, with a maximum of six participants, are for poets who are generating work and passionate about continuing to expand their practice of writing poetry. Both assessing the work of others and listening to how people receive your work is crucial in building...

Sunday 15th May, 10:30 to Sunday 17th July, 13:00

Three sessions of reading and writing with Cath Drake. The most enjoyable way to share and learn poetry is in a regular small group. In the first hour of these workshops we’ll discuss an inspiring themed batch of poems sent in advance with a particular theme. We’ll look in depth at the poems and poetic techniques with expert guidance. The discussions in themselves are rich and life-enhancing. Then, after a short break, we’ll write together inspired by the poems and share our writing. These workshops are designed to help you develop a regular poetry reading and writing practice for those...