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Wednesday 30th November, 14:00

Peter Finch, author of Walking Cardiff and Real Cardiff among many others, will discuss his latest book Edging the City. Peter is perhaps the foremost chronicler of Cardiff, past and present and his response to the 2020 lockdown restrictions confining people to their local authority area was to begin walking the boundary of his. This was in a mirror of his long walk along the south Wales coast recorded in Edging the Estuary. Edging the City explores (often literally) why and where borders exist, their purposes, legal and geopolitical reasons for their existence and  when politics crosses...

Wednesday 30th November, 19:00

As Margaret Atwood says: ‘ I think calling it climate change is rather limiting. I would rather call it everything change. ‘Time is running out. We need more healthy, creative and sustainable visions of our world, to look more deeply at our place in the world in this time of climate and environmental crisis. We must also care for ourselves and others, and envisage a more just world. Join Cath Drake, feature reader, Craig Santos Perez and a selection of poets from across the UK & Europe who will read their poems from The Climate of Change Poetry Challenge (workshop participants). Poets...