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Sunday 13th June, 10:30 to Sunday 12th September, 10:30

 Join Cath Drake for a one hour, online, monthly poetry reading group or you can choose the longer reading and writing poetry session monthly. In the first part of the workshop we will tackle a theme each month with an inspiring batch of poems sent in advance. We'll look in depth at the poems, poets and poetic technique with expert guidance.  If you are interested in writing poetry as well, then after a 15mins break we write together and share our writing for 1.5 hours. Each week we will discuss approaches and techniques to writing poems, share our writing and you'll be given an assignment...

Sunday 1st August, 14:00

From 2pm on Sunday 1st August, Jayne Joso will be reading from her new short story collection Japan Stories at an in person signing with Herne Hill Books. All welcome. 

Saturday 14th August, 16:00

From 4pm on Saturday 14th August, Jayne Joso will be reading from her new short story collection Japan Stories at an in person signing with Clapham Books. All welcome.

Tuesday 17th August, 11:00

The Cheltenham Poetry Festival is delighted to offer Free Verse – a free on-line monthly poetry workshop in which you will work with a different poet-tutor each month to craft new poems – and then receive feedback on your work. The topic is Poems For Change and you will explore impactful poems that deal with serious issues: pieces that will inspire you as you create poems that express our opinions and concerns.The August tutor is Elizabeth Parker who has won and been shortlisted for a number of prizes including the Bridport, Melita Hume, Troubadour International, and Gregory O’Donoghue awards...

Friday 27th August, 15:30

In this event celebrating 100 Poems to Save the Earth, Kristian Evans, co-editor of the anthology, will be joined by Robert Minhinnick and Abeer Ameer for a reading from the book. Our climate is on the brink of catastrophic change. 100 Poems to Save the Earth invites us to fine-tune our senses, to listen to the world around us, pay attention to what we have been missing. The defining crisis of our time is revealed to be fundamentally a crisis of perception. For too long, the earth has been exploited. With its incisive Foreword, this landmark anthology, edited by Zoë Brigley and Kristian Evans...

Saturday 28th August, 13:00

Jayne Joso reads from her new collection of short fiction Japan Stories (Seren 2021) at Between the Trees festival in South Wales. Set in Japan, each story centres on a particular character – a sinister museum curator, a son caring for his dementia-struck father, a widow in the far north reflecting on her provincial life, a young woman who returns to haunt her killer. Together, these compelling narratives become a mosaic of life in contemporary Japan, its people, its society, its thinking, its character. Japan Stories provides a window into a country we would all love to know more deeply. For...

Saturday 28th August, 15:00

The Golden Valley: A Visual Biography of the Garw  is a personal account in words and photographs of the Garw where Phil Cope has lived for thirty-five years. In it he explores the valley’s history: sparsely worked agriculture; boom-town coal exploitation; sudden, followed by gentle, post-industrial decline; attempts at re-invigoration through heritage and leisure; and now, existing in a post-covid world. For further information and to buy tickets visit:

Sunday 29th August, 13:00

Jayne Joso reads from her novel From Seven to the Sea (Seren 2019) as part of the Words in the Woods programme at Between the Trees festival. The novel charts the survival of seven-year-old Esther as she sets out to sea each day in search of adventure and escape from her dysfunctional family and school. For further information and to buy tickets visit:  

Sunday 29th August, 15:00

Author and photographer Phil Cope's book The Living Wells of Wales takes us on a journey through the sacred wells of Wales, from  Anglesey to Gwent. On his way he discovers wells in city centres and, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere – on mountainsides, in deserted valleys, on the coast, in sea caves. They include healing wells, cursing wells, and wells named for saints, Satan, witches, angels, fairies, friars, nuns, hermits, murderers and hangmen. Cope’s atmospheric photographs are accompanied by folk tales, myths and legends, conversations with well-keepers and poems inspired by...

Monday 13th September, 09:30 to Friday 17th September, 22:00

Join The Writing School Online for an exciting poetry-writing retreat you can access live, online from your own home. Take a week for yourself, 13th-17th September 2021, to experiment with poetry under the expert guidance of Costa Prize-winning poet Jonathan Edwards.