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A rare opportunity to both offer and receive analysis and feedback for ten poems brought by 10 participants, chaired and facilitated by Jonathan Edwards. Each poet will be invited to read their poem with no explanation or introduction and to receive constructive feedback, before being invited to join in the discussion about their work. With places limited to 10, each poet will get a full ten minutes spent on their work and will benefit from the rich range of knowledge and experience of fellow poets, as well as the expertise of Jonathan Edwards.

  Celebrate new poetry and fiction at June's First Thursday at the Chapter Arts centre. This month's event features poets Catherine Fisher and Sheenagh Pugh who will both be reading from their new Seren collections. The Bramble King by Catherine Fisher is full of darkly resonant tales, ingenious parables, curiously haunted rooms and palaces, and beautifully observed images of the natural world. A prolific, popular and prize-winning author of fantasy fiction, Cathering began her career as a poet, and Seren publisher her early volumes Immrama, The Unexplored Ocean and Altered States. The...

Jonathan Edwards, Lucy English, Evrah Rose and Liz Lefroy - we love Lucy and Jonathan and Jonathan and Lucy love Shrewsbury and both have new books out, so it made total sense to invite them up. Evrah Rose's first time at Shrewsbury - what a talent! And Liz will have finished her Beethoven sequence by then ... She will try to persuade Jonty Lefroy Watt to come along and play some music to us too. Hosted by Emily Wilkinson