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04/11/2019 - 18:30

Join Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre to celebrate two exciting new books from celebrated authors Tamar Yoseloff and Carmen Bugan, with readings from the poets. Tamar's new collection, the dark and gorgeously multi-faceted The Black Place (Seren 2019) eschews the sentimental, embraces alternatives and offers antidotes to cheery capitalist hype. The book's subjects include Georgia O'Keeffe, the poet's cancer diagnosis and treatment, and the Grenfell Tower fire disaster. Free Entry. For further information and to register visit:

Deryn Rees-Jones, Sasha Dugdale and Mark Ford are the tutors on this course for experienced poets who wish to advance their writing through the careful reading of other poets’ work. Over the week you will be exposed to a wide range of international and British work and we’ll look together at how you can use this work to develop your own poetics, themes and concerns. There will also be opportunities to focus on assembling a volume for publication and the final editing processes. The course is held in the wonderful setting of Lumb Bank. The house stands in 20 acres of steep woodland and has a...

Maria Donovan and Rosanna Ley join Gail Aldwin on this panel session to share their experiences of writing about place in fiction. Maria Donovan draws on memory, observation and imagination to create a sense of place and her debut novel: The Chicken Soup Murder (Seren 2017) is set in a fictional version of her home town Bridport.  Location is integral to all Rosanna Ley’s books whose settings include West Dorset and Cornwall as well as abroad. Gail Aldwin is Chair of the Dorset Writers Network and her latest work of fiction: The String Games is a coming of age novel set in England and France...

Mary J. Oliver and Lynne Hjelmgaard read from their new books Jim Neat and A Second Whisper at Broc Mor shop in Aberystwyth. They will be joined by local poet Chris Armstrong reading from his collection Mostly Welsh.  

03/10/2019 - 10:00 to 12/12/2019 - 18:00

In ‘Pied Beauty,’ Gerard Manley Hopkins insists we celebrate ‘all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.’ Yet the truth is that for most poets the day job is a chore, a necessary evil which stands between us and a day writing poems, but also pays for our writing time. There are a number of exciting ways in which poets have written about work, and this course will draw on their approaches to help generate new poems. Firstly, there are the voices of working-class poets like Geoff Hattersley and Fred Voss, in touch with the routines of the shop floor and the rage of class identity. For other...