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An Exploration of the Creative Process and Poetry Recital: Grahame Davies will be taking part with the artist Kate Walters in the closing event of the JAM on the Marsh and the Hythe Festivals in Kent.   In the session, which is being organised jointly by the two festivals, Davies will be responding in poetry to the pictures produced by Kate Walters during the week-long-festivals. Entrance is Free. For further information visit:  

08/07/2018 - 10:00 to 13:00

(Dis)mantling, (dis)assembly and (dis)obedience: sometimes it’s the parts you need, not the whole. A poem can take things to bits as well as build them – it can dismantle bodies and buildings and excavate language and systems until the floor almost falls in. This workshop led by Judy Brown will offer some ways of disassembling things we know to create new work. We will look at how to make your poem a zone of disobedience, and how threatening rogue authority figures can be. Judy's first poetry collection, Loudness (Seren, 2011), was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for best first collection...

Ledbury Forte Second Collection Prize Showcase and Celebration. The  winner Sandeep Parmar reads with shortlistees, Judy Brown, Emma Hammond, John McCullough and John Clegg. Judy's shortlisted collection, Crowd Sensations, was published by Seren in 2016. Tickets: £12.50. For further rinformation and to book visit the Festival website:

The Glass Aisle is an astonishing collaboration between two major talents in poetry and music: acclaimed songwriter and singer Brian Briggs, frontman of Stornoway and Welsh poet Paul Henry. The Glass Aisle is a long poem with songs, set on the Brecon and Monmouthshire canal, which explores its associations with radio pioneer Marconi and an old union workhouse. With its songs composed ‘out of the poem’, and brought to life in Brian Briggs’ clear tenor this work breaks down the borders between the poem and the song lyric while offering a timeless, affecting elegy to the displaced. p is both the...

Reading and discussion event. Judy Brown will be chatting to Polly Clark, who's novel Larchfield is inspired in part by WH Auden’s time teaching at Larchfield Academy and includes her own poetry. Judy's debut collection Loudness was published by Seren in 2011 and was shortlisted for the Forward Prize. Her second collection Crowd Sensations (Seren 2016) was shortlisted for the Ledbury Forte Second Collection Prize. Tickets: £9.50. For further information and to book visit the Festival website:

Friday, 6th July2018 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Jill Abram will introduce this special ‘Stablemates’ event – a poetry salon with Seren Poets Paul Henry, Kim Moore and Jonathan Edwards. Tickets: £9.50Book on the Ledbury Festival website