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Thursday 30th March, 19:30 to 21:00

Author Peter Finch will be at the Gwaelod y Garth discussing his book Edging the City, which takes us on a journey of the borders of Cardiff in 2020.  Book via phone with the venue for a place: 02920810408 Find out more here:   

Friday 31st March, 18:00 to 19:00

Novelists and teachers of creative writing Dr Clare Morgan and Professor Susan Sellers discuss how and why the radically experimental and pioneering writers Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield continue to inspire contemporary fiction. Virginia Woolf described the short stories of Katherine Mansfield as ‘the only writing I have ever been jealous of’. The feeling was mutual.  Their conversations left them dazzled, perplexed and fuelled with a desire to write more and better, say Morgan and Sellers. They discuss how this literary friendship and the writing it generated filtered through...

Tuesday 18th April, 19:00 to 21:00

The Little Hours poet Hilary Llewellyn-Williams is joined by Ann Gray and David Woolley as they read their poetry at the Melville Centre for Arts, Pen-Y-Pound, Abergavenny NP7 5UD. Ann Gray has an MA in Creative writing from the University of Plymouth. Her collections include At The Gate (Headland, 2008), The Man I Was Promised (Headland, 2004), and most recently, a pamphlet, I wish I had more mothers a winner in the Smith/Doorstop pamphlet competition 2018. She was Poet in residence at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens as part of the Thresholds University Museums Project, curated by the...

Friday 21st April, 10:30 to 12:00

The Singing Page – a poetry workshop with Paul Henry This workshop welcomes new and experienced poets keen to explore the abiding influence of music on poetry. Whether you’re a poet seeking to refine the lyricism of your ‘voice’, or a songwriter keen to extend the range of your lyrics, here’s an opportunity to try out and discuss new approaches within a friendly, supportive atmosphere. You’ll ask what poetry can learn from the song lyric, and vice versa; reminding yourselves how the “sullen art” is rooted in song, from the dancing roots of metrical forms to the personal jazz of free verse....

Wednesday 26th April, 18:00 to 20:00

Seren authors Sophie Buchaillard and Eric Ngalle Charles discuss their recent books This is Not Who We Are  and Homelands which both touch on themes of migration in this in-person event at the Gragetown Pavillion.  Grange Pavilion, Grange Gardens, Cardiff CF11 7LJ. Book your free tickets here: Find out more here:

Thursday 18th May, 09:00

After two successful series, the Climate of Change workshops continue.  Join Cath Drake for online workshops of reading, discussing and writing poetry and inspiring each other.  This can be a difficult and overwhelming subject, but writing together is more enjoyable, nurturing, rewarding and productive. Find new and transforming angles into this complex crisis. These workshops are suitable for anyone who has a passion for the topic and for poetry, ideally, with some experience of writing.  Join live international zoom workshops either in the morning UK time (Australia late afternoon / evening...

Monday 17th July, 10:00
The Garsdale Retreat

Taught by tutor Paul Henry, this popular course, will appeal to those keen to develop their poetry within a supportive, homely environment. Welcoming new and experienced poets, it will include a combination of writing workshops, readings and tutorials to focus on the creative choices we make as poets. As we write, we’ll consider the craft and mystery of poetry: the intuitive melding of form and subject; full- and half-rhyme, how traditional metres can enrichen free verse, the power of image and refrain …. Using a broad range of poetic voices and themes as stimulus, we’ll write out of memory...

Monday 30th October, 15:00 to Saturday 4th November, 10:00

During this residential course, led by Jonathan Edwards, we will look at a range of exciting poetic voices and poetry on a range of subjects, from the family to the animal kingdom, the world of work to the life of the city. Whether you’re keen to develop your voice, to make it sing more loudly, or to add variety and a range of new strategies to a voice that’s already fluent, this course will provide all the tools for a new group of poems with bold, vibrant, varied voices. Jonathan Edwards work has appeared in a wide range of magazines, including Poetry Review, The North, Poetry Wales and New...