Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 19:30


Virtual First Thursday | Ilse Pedler and Dai George

Virtual First Thursday returns for July and this month, we're joined by two poets with brand new collections, Ilse Pedler and Dai George. Our main readings will be followed by our usual open mic.

Tickets are £2.74 (incl. admin fee) and available from Eventbrite here To sign up for the open mic, please email

Ilse Pedler's debut collection is Auscultation, which means listening and specifically, in medicine, listening to sounds that come from the body’s internal organs. If listening is a central theme of this collection, it is also about being heard. Ilse Pedler is poet of breadth and depth. There are poems about waiting rooms and surgical instruments, about crisis calls, about overhearing farmers and pet owners and colleagues. There are poems about surviving a stern childhood and a heartbreaking sequence about being a stepmother. This is a compelling set of poems from a striking new voice.

Karaoke King, Dai George's confident second collection, addresses the contentious nature of the times. Always deeply thoughtful but also alternately ebullient, angry, curious, ashamed, the poet moves through urban and digital spaces feeling both uneasy and exhilarated. As with the Auden of the inter-war period, there is a feeling of history shifting, as a younger generation confronts its ethical obligations, its sense of complicity and disappointment. Ecological crisis hovers in the background, glimpsed in the ‘Fooled Evening’ of a world whose seasonal rhythms have fallen out of joint. Karaoke King also contains numerous reflections on popular culture, culminating in ‘A History of Jamaican Music’, a sequence at the heart of the volume speaking to urgent contemporary questions of ownership and privilege, pain and celebration.

Ticket sales will end at 7pm, half an hour before the start of the event to ensure everyone receives the link. Tickets are available from Eventbrite here

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