Saturday, June 22, 2019 - 17:30 to 18:30

Blue Boar Building, 

Christ Church College, 

St Aldates,



Ross Cogan | Poetry Reading - Old Norse Poetry in Performance

On Saturday 22nd June, Ross Cogan will be reading from his collection Bragr (Seren 2018) at the Old Norse Poetry in Performance conference 2019.


About the conference:

Old Norse Poetry in Performance (ONPiP) is an interdisciplinary project which aims to bring together literary scholars, actors and dramaturgs to explore the dramatic potential in the Old Norse-Icelandic poetic corpus. Triennial conferences, hosted at the University of Oxford, stretch across two days and focus on an array of themes pertaining to both eddic and skaldic poetry. Integral to the structure of each conference are performances by actors and dramaturgs seeking to put recent work on these texts into practice on a stage. Complementing such performances are papers presented by those engaged in research work on the dramatic mechanics and possibilities of Old Norse poetic texts.

ONPiP conferences operate as a focus for dramaturgs and academics to experience one another's approaches to a notoriously resistant and fragmentary literature, both in order to aid the construction of a historical understanding of Old Norse poems as performance texts and to establish a practical research platform that is at once experimental and scholarly. Conferences are open to research students, musicians and theatre practitioners, all of whom offer a pertinent and illuminating perspective on these texts.