Friday, September 6, 2019 - 18:00

The Rectory, 

The Church of St James,

High Street,



Our Hidden Lives, Upper Kennet Churches | Andrew-George Perutz

Andrew-George Perutz gives an exciting glimpse into the hidden life of his grandmother Baroness Alessandra Kozlowska. 

Alessandra's journey takes her from Russia through Poland, Austria and finally to Italy. She and her family surviv the Russian uprising, the Russian revolition and two world wars. Her life foes from feast to famine, from oil wells and a 48 room palace to imprisonment in Southern Italy; from giving shelter to the president of the Russian Duma just days before the assassination of the Tsar and his family, to providing a refuge for the American Embassy personnel and others in Rome at the end of the second world war. Is it a story of one woman's fight to keep her family together, regardless of the cost. From a challenge to a duel, to the challenges of war she faced them all with equanimity, kindness and compassion. 

Come and hear from her grandson details of the celebration of Easter and the Russian Orthodox Church, the finding of her sister during the revolition and other chosen highlights that show her faith and courage in a time of war and conflict. 

All welcome.