Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 14:00

Special Collections and Archives

Arts and Social Studies Library

Cardiff University

Colum Drive

CF10 3EU

International Women’s Day: Hidden Histories and Secret Voices (featuring Emily Blewitt)

Celebrate International Women’s Day by discovering women’s hidden histories and secret voices in Cardiff University’s Special Collections and Archives. The event will be an opportunity to explore the collections, listen to a series of exciting talks and examine some of the items before participating in a creative writing workshop run by Seren poet Emily Blewitt, whose debut collection This is Not a Rescue is publishing in April.

The first speaker is Susan Morgan who will discuss the anatomical textbooks that have inspired her PhD in creative writing. Her talk will provide insight into the history and evolution of anatomical textbooks. It will also give an overview into changes in the medical understanding of women’s bodies while revealing what these textbooks tellingly omit or obscure in their representation of women.

After that, Stephanie Clayton, a PhD student in English Literature, will draw on her expertise in women’s manuscript cultures in order to present the diaries of Priscilla Scott-Ellis (1937-1941). Scott-Ellis’s account offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of a front-line nurse during the Spanish Civil War. Her diaries also show evidence of significant editing, a process that reveals how some women’s voices have been lost but can also be recovered.

Becky Munford, a Reader in English Literature, will give the last talk about the fashion-related items from the library’s collection and present her research project ‘Women in Trousers’. She will also be launching an online archive related to her project. In so doing, she will challenge the perception of fashion as a frivolous subject and will demonstrate the significance of women’s garments to their physical, social and political freedom.

In the final part of the day, local poet Emily Blewitt will lead a creative writing workshop. She will enable you to respond to the event’s theme of women’s hidden histories and secret voices as well as the items in the library’s collections and archives.

2.00: Welcome
2.15: Talk by Susan Morgan
2.30: Talk by Stephanie Clayton
2.45: Talk by Becky Munford
3.00: Time to browse collections and archives
3.30: Break
3.45: Creative writing workshop
5.00: End


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