Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 19:30


An Evening with Paul Henry (In Person)

Join us for an evening with Paul Henry to celebrate his new collection, As If To Sing, forthcoming from Seren. The power of song, to sustain the human spirit, resonates through As if to Sing. A trapped caver crawls back through songs to the sea; Welsh soldiers pack their hearts into a song on the eve of battle, ‘for safe-keeping’; a child crossing a bridge sings ‘a song with no beginning or end’…. Blurring past and present, a ‘torchsong’ of music and light intensifies in 'The Boys in the Branches', a moving sequence to the poet’s sons where three boys scale a tree to manhood, to ‘carve their names on the late sun’. The collection’s closing cadence includes the long poem 'The Key to Penllain'. Set in the summer of 1969, its apocalyptic dream stages a search for a key which could save the planet. Rich in the musical lyricism admired by readers and fellow poets, As if to Sing is an essential addition to this poet’s compelling body of work. Tickets: £10 for event access & wine | £15 with book. For further information and too book visit: