Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 19:00 to 21:00


Elizabeth Parker | Poetry Workshop 1

In this online workshop with Elizabeth Parker, you will explore exciting poems and experiment with structure, form and language in your writing as you create new work.

In this session you will analyse the motif of fire in the newest collections by Tom Sastry and Christina Thatcher, and consider new ways of using the four elements in your writing. You will investigate the effect of extended metaphors in these collections and how we might explore and present the varied ideas related to a particular theme through poetic sequences.

Focus poems:
Christina Thatcher ‘Insurance Report’, ‘Making Fire’, ‘How to Carry Fire’, ‘What If’
Tom Sastry ‘A Man’s House Catches Fire’, ‘A Man Learns to Live With Fire’, ‘We Are Drowning Everyone Else is Noah’, ‘Man and Fire Move House’. 

£12 for 1 two hour session. Please contact Elizabeth Parker to book your place in advance: / 07976 090342 

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