Tony Curtis

Poet, critic, essayist, expert on Welsh Art, Tony Curtis was born in Carmarthen in West Wales in 1946. He studied at Swansea University and Goddard College, Vermont. He is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including his latest: From the Fortunate Isles: New and Selected Poems. He has also written volumes of critical work on poets and artists and edited popular anthologies of poetry. He is Emeritus Professor of Poetry at the University of South Wales, where he established and was Director of the MPhil in Writing for many years. He has been elected to the Royal Society of Literature and has toured widely reading his poetry to international audiences.


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Saturday 10th June, 14:00
Llantwit Major

What happens to a theatre company during the Covid lockdown? The A48 Theatre Company determined to stay active and creative by making film performances. This is a Vale premiere of three short films based on three short stories by the writer Tony Curtis. A Cuckoo in the Nest, Jumping and Some Kind of Immortality are witty, humorous and moving storiesWhat happens when a Samaritans worker gets involved with the life-story of one of her callers? What is a sperm-donor, how does that work, and what is he hiding? And when a college lecturer takes pity on a sad, disturbed student, then takes her into...