Robert Minhinnick

Robert Minhinnick is the prize-winning author of four volumes of essays, more than a dozen volumes of poetry, and three works of fiction. He has also edited a book on the environment in Wales, written for television, and provided columns for The Western Mail and Planet. He is the co-founder of the environmental organisation Sustainable Wales, and was formerly the editor of Poetry Wales. His debut novel Sea Holly (2007) was shortlisted for the RSL Ondaatje Prize in 2008. Robert's second novel Limestone Man (2015) is a gripping story of a man who tries to connect past and present yet is haunted by dreams of Australia and his youth. 

His latest novel Nia was longlisted for the RSL Ondaatje Prize 2019. 


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Author Events

Friday 27th August, 15:30

In this event celebrating 100 Poems to Save the Earth, Kristian Evans, co-editor of the anthology, will be joined by Robert Minhinnick and Abeer Ameer for a reading from the book. Our climate is on the brink of catastrophic change. 100 Poems to Save the Earth invites us to fine-tune our senses, to listen to the world around us, pay attention to what we have been missing. The defining crisis of our time is revealed to be fundamentally a crisis of perception. For too long, the earth has been exploited. With its incisive Foreword, this landmark anthology, edited by Zoë Brigley and Kristian Evans...