Phil Cope

Phil Cope is a photographer, writer, teacher, and cultural exhibition designer whose subjects have included the footballer John Charles, Paul Robeson and Wales and the Spanish Civil War. He was Head of Drama, and Deputy Head of English in the Welsh Joint Education Committee. The author and photographer has published Borderlands (2013) and the Holy Wells series which includes: Holy Wells: Wales (2008), Holy Wells: Cornwall (2010), and Holy Wells: Scotland (2015).


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Author Events

Sunday 8th March, 11:26

A Welsh /Irish Sunday with facts, fictions and stunning photographs. Author and photographer Phil Cope will be talking about his latest book The Living Wells of Wales ( Seren, 2019) which takes us on a journey through the sacred wells of Wales, from the Anglesey to Gwent. On his way he discovers wells in city centres and, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere – on mountainsides, in deserted valleys, on the coast, in sea caves. They include healing wells, cursing wells, and wells named for saints, Satan, witches, angels, fairies, friars, nuns, hermits, murderers and hangmen. Cope’s...