Peter Finch

Peter Finch is a poet, writer, performer, walker and literary entrepreneur living in Cardiff.  He has been a publisher, organisation manager, periodical editor, event organiser, literary agent and literary promoter. He was at the forefront of the UK’s small press revolution in the 60s and the 70s with his magazine Second Aeon and pioneered performance poetry in Wales during the 1980s. From 1974 to 1995 he ran the Oriel Bookshop in Cardiff. From 1996 to 2011 he was Chief Executive of Yr Academi Gymreig / The Welsh Academy, an organisation which was later rebranded as Literature Wales.

He specialises in books about the Welsh capital including the successful Real Cardiff series (4 volumes, most recently Real Cardiff: The Flourishing City), Edging The Estuary and the more recent Edging The City, and The Roots Of Rock From Cardiff To Mississippi And Back. His latest books written alongside the work of photographer John Briggs are Walking The Valleys and Walking Cardiff.   

If Finch is anything from all the above he is also a poet. His numerous poetry titles include Zen CymruUseful, Poems for GhostsFood and Selected Later Poems and The Machineries of Joy from Seren, Antibodies from Stride, and Vizet, a selected poems in Hungarian from Kronkét Könyvek.  Important work from across the last fifty years were brought together in his two volume Collected Poems which was published in 2022.


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