Peter Finch

Peter Finch is a poet, author and critic who lives in Cardiff.  He is author of the hugely popular Real Cardiff  books, published by Seren and series editor for the 'Real' series. The latest in the series, Real Cardiff; The Flourishing City, was published in May 2018. Finch’s numerous poetry titles include Zen Cymru, Useful, Poems for Ghosts, Food and Selected Later Poems and The Machineries of Joy from Seren, Antibodies from Stride, and Vizet, a selected poems in Hungarian from Kronkét Könyvek.  Peter is also the author of The Roots of Rock, from Cardiff to Mississippi and Back, which charts the evolution of rock and popular music from 1950s Cardiff Suburbia to modern day America and beyond. 

Peter is a former publisher, bookseller and Chief Executive of the Welsh Academy (now Literature Wales), the Welsh Literature Promotion Agency and Society of Writers and recipient of the Ted Slade Award for Service to Poetry 2011. He compiles the poetry section for Macmillan’s annual Writer’s Handbook and the self-publishing section for A&C Black’s Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook.  His extensive website can be viewed at

In 2022, Seren publishes Finch’s two-volume Collected Poems, each 500 pages, which bring together visual, concrete, sound and performance poems from across his remarkable 50 year career.  

In July 2022 we publish Edging the City, a companion to Edging the Estuary (2013), in which Finch walks to ‘border’ of his native Cardiff and discovers it anew.

Finally, Walking the Valleys, written in conjunction with photographer John Briggs and the follow up to their previous book Walking Cardiff (2019), will be published in October 2022.


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