Nathan Munday

Nathan Munday is a Welsh writer from Carmarthenshire. Trained as an academic, he spent his postgraduate study researching religious literature at Cardiff University.  

In 2019, he escaped north to Tŷ Mawr Wybrnant, the birthplace of Bible translator and language-saviour William Morgan (c. 1545-1604). This unique ‘Library in the Wilderness’ was where he and his wife Jenna (originally from North Holland) worked and lived for a year and a half, lighting a fire every morning, battling the unpredictable river, and welcoming over 4000 visitors from across the globe. As custodian, he had the privilege of looking after a large book collection which included the 1588 Welsh Bible. He then spent two years working in international development for Christian Aid.

His writing spans many genres. In 2016 Nathan won the M. Wynn Thomas New Scholar Prize with an essay on the poetry of R. S. Thomas, a pivotal figure in his doctoral studies. In the same year, he also came second in the New Welsh Writing Awards with his creative non-fiction book Seven Days: A Pyrenean Adventure published by Parthian Books in 2017. Chris Moss praised the ‘energy and ambition’ of this work while novelist Niall Griffiths called it a ‘beautiful, wise, and moving book’. He came runner-up twice for his poetry in the Terry Hetherington Award (2019, 2020). His work can be read in Cheval, Walking, New Welsh Review, Wales Arts Review, Fine Books & Collections, International Journal of Welsh Writing in English, and Hinterland Magazine.

When he’s not writing, Nathan is training for Christian ministry, exploring the high places with Jenna, or playing with his son Seth Johannes. He hopes that Seth will join them on the slopes soon.


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