Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien was born and raised in Ely, Cardiff. He is the author of three books on the subject of false imprisonment, and the prison system in the UK, including his autobiography Death of Justice (2008), and Prisons Exposed (2013).

O’Brien received the largest payout ever by the police to anyone wrongly convicted. After his release he set up MOJO (the Miscarriage of Justice Organisation) with Paddy Joe Hill (one of the Birmingham Six) and has worked extensively with Liberty. He has appeared regularly on national television and radio, and has been featured in The Observer, The  Times; Sunday People; Daily Telegraph; New Statesman, and Daily Express. He will be appearing on Sky and Netflix in 2021 on the subject of miscarriages of justice.

O’Brien has studied law and acts for young people as an appropriate adult in police stations. He also helps those who cannot get legal representation in the family courts as a Mackenzie Friend.