Lorraine Bewsey

I am a portrait artist originally from London, now living in the upper Swansea Valley. I take my inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites and the painters of the Renaissance. Skill in drawing, and in the subtle and accurate use of colour, are vital to me as an artist. I want my portraits not only to draw out the essential character of my subjects, but to be appreciated for the quality of line and tone. I want visitors to my exhibitions to feel that the skill of an individual artist in drawing and painting is important.

My portraits are executed in pastel, in a unique hyper-realist style which has been praised by critics, the public, and the sitters themselves. The technique I have developed with pastel painting gives the work an incredibly rich, velvet finish. It also enables me to render accurately the textures of linen, leather, silk, wool, and of course, skin tones and hair. I also work in oils.

My Poet Portraits exhibition opened in the Wales Millennium Centre and toured for three years. I am currently painting Welsh Olympians, Past and Present. You can find more information about me on www.lorrainesartstudio.co.uk.


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