Karen Ingham

Karen Ingham was raised in a peripatetic Texan oil family moving across the states and into Germany and Norway before coming to Britain to study for a degree in Creative Photography in Nottingham. Ingham subsequently worked in film and television arts and journalism as a script-writer and director. Her award winning, screenplays include 'Salvation Guaranteed' (1990 British Film Institute and C4) which was shown in competition at festivals worldwide including Berlin and  Chicago; 'Crystal Blues' (1993 British Film Institute and BBC Wales) part of the prestigious BBC Wales 'Playhouse' series; and 'High Winds And Acts of God' (1995 BBC Wales and winner of a Bafta Cymru). Ingham lives in Wales where she lectures and researches part-time on the Photographic Arts & Journalism courses at Swansea Institute of Higher Education. She has recectly completed a research MPhil and accompanying publication into representations of death and the body in contemporary cultural practice.


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