John Briggs

John Briggs was born in 1947 in St Paul, Minnesota. He came to Wales in the 1960s to study at Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan, where an increasing passion for photography resulted in his first street images of Cardiff. He gained a degree in French at the University of Minnesota, also working as a part-time reporter. In 1947, returning to Wales to do teacher traning at University College, Cardiff, he began systematically photographing the city's disppearing docklands.


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Author Events

Saturday 10th December, 16:00

Join author Peter Finch as he discusses his latest book, Walking the Valleys at Storyville Books in Pontypridd. Includes a display of photos from the book taken by John Briggs. Poet and psychogeographer Peter Finch undertakes 15 walks around the south Wales Valleys, picking out features en route and providing interesting stories, historical and contemporary, about their past and present. His sharp eye and depth of research is illustrated by photographer John Briggs’ images in a lively guide to this famous region. Mae Peter Finch, y bardd a'r seicoddaearyddwr, yn ymgymryd a 15 taith gerdded o...