Iolo Williams

Iolo Williams is a Welsh naturalist and broadcaster, best known for his BBC Wales and S4C nature programmes. The presenter of 17 TV series in two languages, he is also a presenter on BBC network’s Nature Watch programmes, an author in Welsh and English and a public lecturer. He has a degree in Ecology and has worked in farming, timber and for the RSPB in the field and as a regional co-ordinator. He is the author of three books in Welsh and three in English including Wild Places: Wales' Top 40 Nature Sites. His latest book Wild Places UK: UK's Top 40 Nature Sites is available now from Seren.


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Author Events

Monday 16th December, 13:00 to 14:00

Iolo Williams will be at Cletwr signing copies of his new book Wild Places UK from 1-2pm on Monday 16th December. The follow up to the hugely popular Wild Places (Wales), Wild Places UK is Iolo's guide to his top 40 nature sites in the UK. From Hermaness on Shetland to the London Wetland Centre, from Dungeness in Kent to Loch Neagh, Williams criss-crosses the country. His list takes in coastal sites from marshes to towering cliffs – and distant islands – mountains, valleys, bogs, meadows, woods and land reclaimed from industry. These wild places vary in size from the vastness of The Wash to...