Damian Walford Davies

Damian Walford Davies is a poet, writer and librettist. He is the author of three Seren collections – Suit of Lights (2009), Witch (2012) and Judas (2015), together with the pamphlet Alabaster Girls (Rack Press, 2015) and the co-written volume, Whiteout (Parthian, 2006).

He is Head of the School of English, Communication & Philosophy at Cardiff University, where he specialises in Romanticism, the two literatures of Wales, and Creative Writing.


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Author Events

Tuesday 28th May, 20:30

A reading and discussion for an after-dark audience. Damian Walford Davies’ latest book Docklands (Seren 2019) is a ghost story told in fifty poems, set in Victorian Cardiff as an architect pursues his commission to level three terraces to make way for a new square. A painted medieval devil in a graveyard awakens unhallowed forces in Michelle Paver’s gothic thriller set in Edwardian Suffolk: Wakenhyrst.  Chaired by Tiffany Murray, author of Sugar Hall (Seren 2014). Tickets: £8.00. For further information and to book visit the Festival website: www.hayfestival.com

Tuesday 28th May, 17:30
Hay on Wye

WALES: A TAPESTRY OF LITERATURE AND LANDSCAPE. Damian Walford Davies will be joined by Jon Anderson and Mary-Ann Constantine draw on the Literary Atlas project to explore the relationship between literature and landscape which has long fascinated writers, storytellers and readers. This is particularly evident in Wales, where the physical, fabled, industrial and social landscapes continue to influence the fiction that defines the country and its culture. Damian's latest book Docklands: A Ghost Story has just been published by Seren. Tickets: £8.00. For further information and to book visit the...