Ceri Thomas

Ceri Thomas is a freelance artist, art historian and curator.  From 2007 to 2017, he was curator of the Oriel y Bont gallery at the University of South Wales and of its museum-status art collection both of which focus upon the visual culture of modern and contemporary south Wales.  An award-winning artist and art historian, he has curated the Wales touring exhibitions 'Ernest Zobole: a retrospective’, ‘Joan Baker: a retrospective’ and ‘Mapping the Welsh Group at 60’. He has also co-curated the Wales touring exhibitions ‘Ken Elias: a retrospective’ and ‘Alan Salisbury: a retrospective’ and curated several other individuals’ retrospectives at the University of South Wales including those of Michael Freeman, Ronald Lawrence and Bryn Richards as well as the general surveys ‘In Our Own image? A Century of Imaging of and in South Wales: 1910-2013’, ’Towards Abstraction: Art in South Wales since 1960' and ‘Coal Society’. He has spoken at the Hay Festival on Ernest Zobole and Ken Elias. For further information, visit cerithomasart.com


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