Adrian Mourby

Adrian Mourby is a novelist, journalist and producer; he also works in opera, travel journalism and as a hotel historian. Mourby has written six novels, including We Think the World of Him (Hodder 1996), The Four of Us (Hodder 1997) and Wishdaughter ( Seren 2004). In June 2017, Rooms of One's Own, a book about places around the world that have inspired great literature, was published. The sequel, Rooms With A View, was published in November 2017. Both books will appear in paperback during 2018 In addition to his writings, Mourby is also a national and international award-winning producer. He produced various plays, series and adaptations throughout his twelve year career within the BBC. He also works widely in opera with companies including Royal Opera Covent Garden, Welsh National Opera, Wienerstaatsoper and Grand Theatre de Geneve. 



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