About eBooks

eBooks bought directly from us will be in ePub format which can be read on Android and iOS mobiles and tablets and also on Kindle Fire.

eBook usage and download

We use the Glassboxx service from Firsty Group for delivery of our eBooks. This will make it quick and easy for you to access the books you’ve purchased by way of a simple app on your Android or iOS phone or tablet, or Kindle Fire. It also means our books are protected from being copied, pirated and tampered with, so we keep our authors happy as well.

How to read your ebook on the iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Once you make your first purchase, follow the links on the order confirmation page (or below) to download the Glassboxx app to your phone or tablet. Log in using the email address you used for the purchase (no password required) and your new book(s) will
automatically appear on the MY BOOKS screen where you can read them using the built-in ereader.

Download Glassboxx from the iOS App Store
Download Glassboxx from the Google Play Store

If you already have the app, there’s no need to download it again – whenever you buy more books, just go straight there and your new purchase(s) will already be waiting.

If you have any questions about using the app, please go here or contact Firsty on glassboxxhelp@firstygroup.com.