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John Ormond: Collected Poems
The Collected Poems of John Ormond, an influential Welsh poet from the 1960s - 1980s, whose widely admired work appeared in journals and magazines around the world.
Sarah Jacob: The Girl Who Lived on Air
Rural Wales, 1869: Sarah Jacob seems to live without food, astounding doctors, the church and a news-hungry society. What is the truth behind her fascinating and...
Sugar Hall
Easter 1955: Dieter Sugar finds a boy in the grounds of mouldering Sugar Hall, while his mother, Lilia, battles with her own ghosts.
Midnight, Dhaka
Mir Mahfuz Ali accesses a sea of memories and writes with a shocking directness about the atrocities he witnessed as a child in war-torn Bangladesh.
Love and Fallout
When TV makeover people come to call Tessa is mortified at what they rake up, not only about her wardrobe but her youthful stay at Greenham Common.