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Hay – Landscape, Literature and the Town of Books
Hay-on-Wye is famous for its bookshops, the Hay literature festival and its stunning location. Saunders’ book encapsulates these in beautiful images and informative...
Real Port Talbot
Real Port Talbot explores the home of steel-making in Wales, and home town of actors Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheen.
Island of Lightning
The new book of essays by the prizewinning Robert Minhinnick, mixing travel writing and social commentary in characteristically rich, vivid prose.
A lavishly illustrated guide to sacred wells in the contested lands between England and Wales from prehistoric times to today, pagan to Christian, their myths and...
Beyond the Pampas: In Search of Patagonia
Herrad discovers the pioneering history of the Welsh-speaking communities of Argentina, the story of the oppressed peoples of Patagonia, and herself.
Real Powys
A revealing and offbeat tour of the towns and villages, the hills and valleys, the people and life of the remote and sparsely populated county of Powys. An idyll...
Real Bloomsbury
Birthplace of Christian Socialism. Site of the British Museum, University College, RADA, the Friends House, the BMA, Great Ormond Street Hospital. Bloomsbury is...
Holy Wells: Cornwall
A collection of stunning colour photographs of 45 wells in Cornwall, with an informative text about their history – and legends – by well expert Phil Cope.
Real Llanelli
A lively and engaging account of Llanelli full of fresh insights and fascinating stories. From Burry Port to Trimsaran it’s all there.
Real Cardiff Three
Since Peter Finch began his capital trilogy in 2002, Cardiff has changed enormously. Finch checks out the new, from Torchwood to St David’s 2.