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Heads Held High
Phil Bennett Max Boyce
Unique images from official Wales Rugby World Cup 2011 photographers, GettyImages.
The Dawes Decades: John Dawes and the Third Golden Era of Welsh Rugby
David Parry-Jones has produced an incisive narrative of the late sixties and early seventies in Welsh rugby, charting John Dawes’ input into this rich rugby era.
The Gwilliam Seasons
David Parry-Jones has produced an enthralling biography of John Gwilliam and an overview of one of the great periods in Welsh rugby history.
The Man in the Middle
Bevan owns up to a few mistakes and deals honestly with the Louis Luyt affair in this engaging autobiography.
C'mon City
’C’mon City! A Hundred Years of the Bluebirds’ is the club’s official centenary celebration and charts the club’s progress from public park to Ninian Park...
Prince Gwyn
Gwyn Nicholls (1874-1939) is the starting point of any debate about great rugby centres. David Parry-Jones’ research uncovers a brilliant player, a sportsman, and a...