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Seren Classics


The Plum Tree
First published in 1946, this new translation makes The Plum Tree more accessible to a wider audience.
Capel Sion
In Capel Sion Evans returned to his themes with relish, attacking the Liberal- Nonconformist heirarchy which, he claimed, ground under its heel the peasantry of...
There Was a Young Man From Cardiff
Dannie Abse
Dannie Abse’s fiction is a world in which everyday surfaces are underlain by the strange, scarcely understood currents of human nature.
A Small Country
A Small Country is the story of the Evans family, farmers in Carmarthenshire. In the summer of 1914 son Tom returns from Oxford to find the family falling apart.
Print of a Hare's Foot
Print of a Hare’s Foot is a fascinating account of a life lived in two apparently radical societies, viewed from a uniquely individual perspective.
Against the background of a declining steel town, Shifts charts the lives of four closely bound characters in a story of grief, love, work and betrayal.
Brenda Chamberlain
Tide-Race is a remarkable account of life on Bardsey (known as Ynys Enlli to Welsh speakers), a remote and mysterious island off the coast of North Wales.
A Toy Epic
Three boys move towards adult life in the 1930s. From different backgrounds, their lives cross and touch until they become firm friends.
My People
My People caused literary sensation in 1915. This edition includes John Harris’s informative essay on the background to these classic stories.