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New Stories from the Mabinogion

The eleven stories in the Mabinogion come from two medieval Welsh manuscripts, with roots dating back to many centuries earlier. They bring us Celtic mythology, Arthurian romance, and their own view of the Island of Britain. There is enchantment and shape-shifting, conflict, peacemaking, love and betrayal.

In the New Stories from the Mabinogion series commissioned by Seren, the old tales are at the heart of the new. Each author reinvents a story in their own way: creating fresh, contemporary tales that speak to us as much of our own world as of events long gone.

“It is hard to take on the giants of the past without being felled by them, but Celyn Jones and Sheers have done justice to the Mabinogion, and to themselves.” The Times

"Seren's series of new stories inspired by the Mabinogion may be the greatest service to the Welsh national epic since Lady Charlotte Guest published her translation of the medieval folk tales in the mid-19th century." The Guardian 2010


New Stories From The Mabinogion – The Complete Signed Box Set
Exclusive to Seren: First edition set of signed copies of all ten novellas in the New Stories from the Mabinogion Series.


New Stories From The Mabinogion – The Complete Box Set
Sheers, Jones, Dafydd, Lewis, Jones, Jones, Clare, Griffiths, Azzopardi, Doshi
In New Stories from the Mabinogion ten great authors have taken the Celtic myth cycle as a starting point to give us masterly re-workings with a modern twist.
Fountainville is a strange borderland town, with its own healing tales in this retelling of Mabinogion myth.
The Tip of My Tongue
When her mother dies, Enid has to go to stay with posh relations the Erbins in their mansion, at the mercy of their teenage son Geraint.
'See How They Run' and 'Bird, Blood, Stone' - Exclusive Signed First Editions
Exclusive to Seren: First edition, signed copies of the most recent two additions to our New Stories of the Mabinogion series.
Bird, Blood, Snow
Seren’s eighth Mabinogion tale transforms the Arthurian legend of Peredur into a quixotic romp through a contemporary Welsh school of hard knocks.
See How They Run
Llwyd McNamara is peering into his computer to uncover the truth about the great Welsh rugby player big M. But the gods have other plans …
The White Trail
Fflur Dafydd’s contemporary retelling of a medieval Arthurian myth.
The Prince's Pen
With Wales and Pakistan the only countries left in the free world, Horatio Clare filters politics and religion through ancient British myth.
The Dreams of Max and Ronnie
Ronnie, a squaddie on a spree before embarking to Iraq, has the strangest of dreams, while Cardiff drugs baron Max is in search of the perfect woman.