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New Stories From The Mabinogion – The Complete Signed Box Set
Exclusive to Seren: First edition set of signed copies of all ten novellas in the New Stories from the Mabinogion Series.
Big Low Tide
A powerful story of reconciliation, hope and the wreckage of relationships broken, its dark undercurrents proving all is rarely as it first seems.
The Colour of Grass
Helen has lived for her husband and daughter but now must find out who she is. A sensitive study of character and the unexpected riches of life.


Six Pounds Eight Ounces
Hannah King is a liar, everyone says. So her stories of growing up in the Rhondda, from playing with dolls to glam rock, must be treated with caution.
American Sycamore
The lives of American fly-fisherman Billy and his sister Alice meander by the Susquehanna River in this offbeat coming-of-age novel of death, madness, and fishing.
Fountainville is a strange borderland town, with its own healing tales in this retelling of Mabinogion myth.
The Tip of My Tongue
When her mother dies, Enid has to go to stay with posh relations the Erbins in their mansion, at the mercy of their teenage son Geraint.
Ibrahim and Reenie
Ibrahim is walking from Cardiff to London. So is Reenie. Neither of them is doing it for charity. But when their paths cross just outside Newport, worlds collide.
The Rice Paper Diaries
Hong Kong, 1940. This lyrical debut novel tells the tale of British bride Elsa, her husband Tommy Jones and daughter Mari as war engulfs the island.
All the Souls
A poignant collection of stories set in Brittany and Wales, inhabiting the world of superstition and legend and giving voices to ghosts and the dead.