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New Stories From The Mabinogion – The Complete Signed Box Set
Exclusive to Seren: First edition set of signed copies of all ten novellas in the New Stories from the Mabinogion Series.
Big Low Tide
A powerful story of reconciliation, hope and the wreckage of relationships broken, its dark undercurrents proving all is rarely as it first seems.
The Colour of Grass
Helen has lived for her husband and daughter but now must find out who she is. A sensitive study of character and the unexpected riches of life.


From England to Europe and Africa, these stories from Edgehill and Bridport prizewinner Graham Mort explore man’s relationships with land and family.
New Welsh Short Stories
Francesca RhydderchPenny Thomas
The best of contemporary Welsh short-story writing from new and established writers including Stevie Davies, Joe Dunthorne, Robert Minhinnick and Rachel Trezise.
Advantages of an Older Man
A light-hearted exploration of the fate of a Swansea woman who is apparently possessed by the lively spirit of Dylan Thomas. Naturally all is not as it seems.
Bilbao-New York-Bilbao
The first English translation of the modern Basque masterpiece Bilbao–New York–Bilbao, Kirmin Uribe’s award-winning novel of family and history and how we recall...
Sugar Hall
Easter 1955: Dieter Sugar finds a boy in the grounds of mouldering Sugar Hall, while his mother, Lilia, battles with her own ghosts.
Lucy Swann is trying on a new life, but her flight is short-lived. As a murder hunt begins, lives in a small French town take on unlikely significance.
Love and Fallout
When TV makeover people come to call Tessa is mortified at what they rake up, not only about her wardrobe but her youthful stay at Greenham Common.