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To Bodies Gone: The Theatre of Peter Gill
The first study of dramatist Peter Gill, whose writing and direction represent one of the most compelling, provocative and influential bodies of work in the last...
Crossing the Bar (Three Plays)
Three plays by Lucy Gough: 'Crossing the Bar', 'Head' and 'Our Lady of Shadows'.
On the Road Again: Three Plays
Laurence Allan
Three plays by Laurence Allen: ’On The Road Again’, ’The Best Years of Our Lives’ and ’Cradle to the Grave’
Mary Morgan (Three Plays)
Three plays by Greg Cullen: ’Mary Morgan’, ’Tarzanne’ and ’Frida and Diego: A Love Story’.
The Shakespeare Factory (Three Plays)
Three plays by Dic Edwards: 'The Shakespeare Factory', 'Moon River: The Deal' and 'David'.
The Scam
Sharp-edged, tough and funny, Peter Lloyd's play is a ruthless expose of the 'feelgood factor' that fuelled the boom of the 1980s.
Waiting at the Water's Edge
Waiting at the Water’s Edge is a gripping new play by Lucinda Coxon which is frequently as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.
Act One Wales
This substantial collection of one act plays from Wales charts the rise of Welsh Drama from the 1950s to the present.
Three Plays by Charles Way
Three plays by Charles Way: 'Dead Man's Shoes', 'Paradise Drive' and 'In the Bleak Midwinter'.
The View from Row G
Dannie Abse
Three plays from one of Britain’s leading and most beloved literary figures: House of Cowards, The Dogs of Pavlov and Pythagoras (Smith). All previously performed...