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Current Affairs


The Pembrokeshire Murders: Catching the Bullseye Killer
The Pembrokeshire Murders is the story of the ‘cold case’ detection of four times murderer John Cooper, told by the chief investigating officer Steve Wilkins.
Poor Man's Parliament: Ten Years of the Welsh Assembly
Poor Man's Parliament seeks to explain why the hopes of 1999 failed to materialise and why the National Assembly has yet to capture the nation’s imagination.
A Useful Fiction: Adventures in British Democracy
In A Useful Fiction political broadcaster Patrick Hannan provides a punchy commentary on how the mere question of devolution is influencing all areas of political...
At Arm's Length
Geraint Talfan Davies, media and arts executive for more than three decades, recalls and reflects on the impact of devolution for culture and civil society.
Welsh Europeans
John Osmond
Osmond explores the identity and future of Wales and its people.
When Arthur Met Maggie
This text explores how small decisions, accidents and delays play a part in bringing us to our present condition.
A Whim Set in Concrete: The Campaign to Stop the Cardiff Bay Barrage.
’A Whim Set in Concrete’ is a record of what happens when unregulated development meets the opposition of ’ordinary people’. it also offers a fascinating insight...
2001 A Year in Wales
The sound of laughter is rarely far away as Patrick Hannan watches the events of 2001 unfold and describes them in this chronicle of a year in Wales.
Plaid Cymru: The Emergence of a Political Party
Laura McAllister portrays the emergence of Plaid Cymru in the post-War world from its origins as a disparate association of campaigners and activists to its current...
Wales off Message
This is a compelling story about both Wales and Britain, and one which, as Hannan discovers, is also richly comic