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The Scattering

"...an amazing body of work...this book deserves tremendous success and a very wide readership." The Reading Life Blog

The Scattering is a collection of nineteen stories, many set on the Irish border, where this London-born author currently lives. These stories explore states of liminality: life on the Irish border, dual identities, emigration, being between states - certainty and doubt, codependency and freedom. Some explore themes of catastrophe and constraint. All explore what it means to be alive in a fraught and ever-changing world. This first collection from prizewinning author and playwright, Jaki McCarrick explores the dark side of human nature, often with a postmodern ‘Ulster gothic’ twist.

One of the stories ‘The Visit’ won the Wasafiri Prize for new fiction, and many have been published to much acclaim in literary magazines.

‘The Scattering’
‘Jaki McCarrick tells a chilling tale of death and despair.’ – The Irish Emigrant

‘The Sanctuary’
‘…a tender story of mourning and longing.’ – writewords.org.uk

‘Of particular note… Jacqueline McCarrick’s “The Sanctuary”; a tender portrait of a lover dealing with the death of a long-term partner. ’– Mark Brown, The Short Review

‘The Badminton Court’
‘I was totally knocked for six by this story. It is an incredible piece of writing… The spare, sinewy sentences had me going over and over them; and such economy of writing! I must, simply must see more of her work…’ – Alex Smith The Frogmore Papers

‘The Visit’
‘“The Visit” takes the reader deep into old sadnesses and lifechanging feuds which still burned under the surface of Irish
society at the time of Bill Clinton’s visit.’ – Susan Haigh, The New Short Review

‘By the Black Field’
‘My highlights to date would be: Jaki McCarrick’s “By the Black Field"... it has such an understated menace running through it and the writing is so subtly coloured, it reads like looking at a painting.” – Brian Kirk, Wordlegs

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